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Lauro Sulémão Ribeira von Hesse, more commonly known as Olhado, was a brickmaker on the planet of Lusitania.[1] He was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.


Past Edit

When Olhado was younger, his eyes were destroyed in a laser accident and were replaced with artificial implants.[2]

Speaker for the Dead Edit

Olhado was 12 years old when Andrew Wiggin arrived on Lusitania.[2]

Personality Edit


  • Olhado and Andrew secretly called one another father and son when they were alone.[2]
  • He was the only one of Novinha's children to marry and start a family, and also the only one not to go into a scientific field as a profession.[1]
  • His nickname, Olhado, was directly translated from Portugese "The watched one," but Olhado said that in his case it meant "The guy with the eyes." The name referred to Olhado's artificial eyes, which replaced the natural ones he had lost in a laser accident.[2]

Quotes Edit

References Edit

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