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Path was a colony planet of the Hundred Worlds, settled by humans of Chinese descent.[1]

Description Edit

Path consisted of large amounts of rice fields with various housing structures, but no large cities were described.[1]

It was steeply trenched in ancient Chinese religious tradition, and was home to the Godspoken, a group of genetically altered citizens who believed they heard the voices of the gods, but were really reacting to a form of OCD.[1]

History Edit

Founding Edit

Path was founded a few hundred years before the attempted Second Xenocide. However, it was never granted full rights as a world in Starways Congress, due to their manipulation of the Godspoken and the colony's relatively low population.[1]

Xenocide Edit

When Peter Wiggin II delivered an anti-virus to the planet, Han Fei-tzu consumed it and spread it throughout the planet. The virus removed the OCD gene in the Godspoken, while still leaving their considerable intelligence intact. This made most of the population sick for several days. In the end, it was a peaceful transition save for a few Godspoken being driven out of their houses by their servants they had treated poorly.[1]

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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