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Plikt was a student at a university on the planet Trondheim[1] and a Speaker for the Dead.[2] She was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.


Speaker for the Dead Edit

During the time that Andrew Wiggin was teaching at a university in Reykjavik on Trondheim, Plikt was one of his students. As his pupil, she was very inquisitive and insightful.[1]

Four years after Andrew left the planet, she discovered some of the secrets that Andrew's sister Valentine and he were hiding, including the fact Andrew was Ender the Xenocide. After telling Valentine of her discovery, Valentine informed Plikt that Andrew was also the original Speaker for the Dead. In telling these discoveries to Valentine, they became good friends, and Plikt was even brought on as a tutor for Valentine’s children.[1]

Twenty two years after Andrew had left Trondheim, Plikt joined Valentine and her family on a voyage to Lusitania. [1]

Children of the Mind Edit

After Andrew's death, she Spoke at his funeral.[2]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Plikt means "duty" in Swedish and Norwegian.

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References Edit

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