Podolski was an employee of Juke Limited and a crew member of the Makarhu.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware

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Earth Unaware Edit

Podolski was the head archivist and a programmer on the Makarhu. His job was to maintain and protect the computer programs on board the ship. He created the program which was supposed to prevent hackers from getting into the Makarhu's computer systems.[1]

During the bump with El Cavador, the computer expert on El Cavador copied all the files of the Makarhu and placed a video of their captain, Concepción Querales, into the files of the Makarhu. Lem Jukes found the video and was extremely dismayed. After viewing the files he consulted Chubs Zimmons, who suggested they place the blame on Podolski. Lem and Chubs planned to leave Podolski on Weigh Station Four to hack and erase El Cavador's stolen files when they eventually arrived at the station to prevent blackmailing and selling of information about the glaser.[1]

Podolski was left aboard Weigh Station Four against his will even though he knew the purpose. Mangler and Wain were left to be his bodyguards. Dr. Noloa Benyawe questioned Lem about his decision to leave Podolski on Weigh Station Four, but was ignored. Lem also left Podolski money and clothing to help him blend in.[1]

Soon after he was left there, Podolski was settled in by some goons who hated his employer, Juke Limited. Before they could kill him, the Formic scout ship let out an exhaust burst of gamma plasma, destroying Weigh Station Four and all its inhabitants.[1]

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