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Poke was a homeless orphan on the streets of Rotterdam.[1] She was first introduced in Ender's Shadow.


Ender's Shadow Edit

At the age of nine, Poke became the boss of a street "crew", a group of children that banded together for mutual survival. Her second-in-command and dearest friend was a boy named Sergeant. While on the streets she met Julian 'Bean' Delphiki Jr., who then had no name. She was the one who gave him the lifelong nickname, after deciding his life wasn't worth a mere bean. She took advice from Bean on how to catch a "bully", and she decided to have her crew beat up and catch Achilles de Flandres and make him be the crew's "papa", who would in theory protect them. Achilles decided to kill her the minute she knocked him down for making him feel helpless, but bided his time, taking over her crew.[1]

One day Achilles lured Poke off in private, kissed her and then killed her. He stabbed her in the eye and threw her body in the river. Her death haunted Bean for the rest of his life. Both Bean and Sergeant witnessed this, but said nothing. Her body was recovered from the river several days later by police.[1]

Legacy Edit

Later, Bean made Achilles confess his murder of Poke and others. Notably, Achilles mentioned that Poke voided both her bladder and bowels as she died.[1]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Poke was the first known victim of Achilles de Flandres.[1]


"I don't get bullies, I get rid of them."
Ender's Shadow, page 11
"You ain't worth a bean."
Ender's Shadow, page 13

References Edit

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