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Lembrança das Milagres de Jesus Ribeira von Hesse, more commonly known as Quara, was a Xenobiologist on the planet Lusitania.[1] She was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.


Speaker for the Dead

After the death of her "father" Marcos Maria Ribeira, she became withdrawn, barely saying anything outside of her family for months. When Andrew Wiggin came from Trondheim after answering Novinha's call for a Speaker for the Dead 22 years earlier, she startled the family by telling the Speaker that he stunk.[2]

Quara adored Andrew and grew close to him, despite saying repeatedly that she hated him, both to him and to her classmates. Quara later grew up and joined Ela and her mother as a xenobiologist.[2]


Five years prior, Quara began studying the Descolada and its apparent intelligence, originally trying to find a way to inhibit or destroy it before it killed the humans. During her studies, she discovered what she believed to be proof that the Descolada was sentient - carrier messages the viruses voluntarily sent to each other. She fought with her family against destroying the molecule, arguing it was xenocide to destroy a species that was "sentient". She finally caved in to the pressure upon her when a Pequenino named Planter underwent an experiment to determine whether or not the Pequeninos were intelligent before the Descolada came.[1]

Children of the Mind

She later assisted Miro, Valentine Wiggin II, and Jane in finding the Descoladore Homeworld and communicating with them, all the while being argumentative and, in Miro's words, bitchy.[3]

Si Wang-mu tried to befriend and understand Quara, with Quara rebuffing her friendship. Wang-Mu was left to wonder what happened to Quara that made her this way.[3]





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