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Randi Firth, later known as Nichelle Firth, was the mother of Arkanian Delphiki and a fanatic of Achilles de Flandres.[1] She was first introduced in Shadow of the Giant.

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Shadow of the Giant Edit

Married to an average grocery store owner named Bob, Randi Firth fell in love with Achilles de Flandres, and believed he was the savior of mankind. She was the surrogate for an embryo he told her was of his seed, though it was actually one of Petra Arkanian and Julian Delphiki Jr.'s. Randi left Bob to have who she believed to be Achilles's son. It was her mission to raise the boy, whom she called Achilles II, to fulfill what she saw as his father's destiny, and become the ruler of Earth.[2]

She took on a new identity as Nichelle Firth to protect her son from being taken by the Free People of Earth, and joined a colony ship heading to the planet of Ganges.[2]

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