Reginald Ravenshaw was a lieutenant commander in the International Fleet and an attorney for the Judge Advocate General's Corporation.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.

History Edit

The Swarm Edit

Ravenshaw chose to be the prosecuting attorney in the case of Mazer Rackham's court-martial. On the day of the court arraignment, Ravenshaw met with the defending attorney Prem Chamrajnagar in the morning. Ravenshaw wanted to cut her a deal - drop all charges if Mazer plead guilty to espionage and agreed to seven years in prison.[1]

Later in the day, Ravenshaw entered the courtroom and was met by Mazer and Prem, sitting on their table. After insulting Prem's inexperience as an attorney and Mazer's Maori heritage, he went to the prosecutor's table as Colonel Michio Soshi arrived in the courtroom.[1]

After settling in, Soshi addressed Prem and asked if the defense wished to enter a plea, to which she said that Mazer plead as not guilty. Soshi acknowledged this, adjourning the court for three weeks. After joking with Prem and Mazer, Ravenshaw left the courtroom.[1]

Personality Edit

Described as "the snake" by Prem Chamrajnagar, Ravenshaw was a cunning man. He joked often and looked down at Prem for her lack of experience in the courtroom and younger age. Ravenshaw made a derogatory statement about Mazer's Maori heritage and height when he spoke to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Ravenshaw often played virtual golf with other JAG judges.[1]

Quotes Edit

References Edit

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