Rimas was an International Fleet WAMRED breach team marine.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.


The Swarm

Three years after the First Formic War, Rimas was a member of Mazer Rackham's breach team in testing WAMRED technology for use in war against the Formics. In one exercise, Rimas was in a capsule heading for a derelict ship that was being used as a fake Formic ship. After placing his Gravity Disruptor, he took out some simulation Formics and ended the exercise.[1]

After the mission, Rimas mentioned that there was no cover from the Formics and that the team needed cover. Upon that note, Rimas started theorizing a way that the team could bring shields with them. After words from Mazer, the breach team started trying to develop an idea for a shield based off the Nan-Ooze nanomachine technology.[1]

Later that evening, news came from the Hegemon Ukko Jukes in a vid, announcing that one of the eight Parallax telescopes, Copernicus, was destroyed by a Formic fighter ahead of the main alien fleet. Rimas discussed the news with the rest of his breach team.[1]

Some days later, Rimas and the rest of the team set out to test the live Gravity Disruptor charges. However, one of the four cubes was faulty; Mazer radioed to mission control asking to abort the mission, but his request was denied. Instead, he used contingency Beta, where three cubes would align into a triangle. The resulting explosion ripped the test ship apart, sending shrapnel in all directions. One piece sliced into Shambhani's calf, creating a gaping hole in his suit. His suit sealed itself, but abandoned his leg from the knee down. The team was taken back to the station in a medic ship, but there was little chance of saving Shambhani's leg.[1]

Rimas was reassigned from WAMRED to a cargo ship with 100 other special-ops marines, due to the incoming Formic fleet.[1]


Rimas was shown to have a sense of humor, when he called his breach team "guinea pigs".




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