Rosen, best known as Rose the Nose, was a Battle School Student and the commander of Rat Army.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Ender's Game Edit

Rosen was commander of Rat Army when Ender Wiggin was transferred from Salamander Army. He ordered Ender not to practice with his launch group or use his Desk until he successfully froze two soldiers in battle. Ender defied the orders, but still froze the necessary enemies. Rosen didn't speak to Ender afterward.[1]

Rosen aspired to be the chief military commander of the International Fleet, the Strategos. He was succeeded in command of Rat Army by Dink Meeker.[1]

Personality Edit

Since his Jewish heritage conferred on him both a superstitious belief in his leadership ability in his soldiers and a racial distinction on which his vanquished foes could vent their anger, Rosen regularly engaged in self-deprecatory humor to preempt the mockery of any potentially anti-Semitic opponents. In contrast to Bonzo Madrid's authoritarian style of leadership, Rose the Nose presided rather lackadaisically over a rather uncouth Rat Army.


  • According to Dink Meeker, Rose the Nose was scared to be by himself in the dark and slept with in his army's barracks as a result.[1]


"We are doing OK, Ender. I Rose de Nose, Jewboy extraordinaire, and you ain't nothin but a pinheaded pinprick of a goy. and Don't you forget it."
Ender's Game, page 99


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