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Rotterdam was the hometown of Julian 'Bean' Delphiki, Achilles, Poke, and Sergeant. It was described by Bean as being "the main port, if not the capital, of hell.". Rotterdam was home to a myriad of street-dwelling, homeless children, which was likely to be a cause of the Hegemony's population control laws.[1]

The Clean Place Edit

The Clean Place was where Bean was born. It was the only way Bean knew how to describe the first place he remembered, a laboratory, that he escaped from as an infant.[1]

The Clean Place was where Volescu created Bean and 22 other children as part of a genetic experiment. When he realized he would be caught soon, he killed all the children, except for Bean, who was smart enough to escape into a toilet. It was later converted into an office building after Volescu was arrested.[1]

Helga's Kitchen Edit

Helga's Kitchen was a charity kitchen that provided free meals to people in Rotterdam. It was owned by Helga Braun and located on Aert van Nes straat (Street).[1]

References Edit

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