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The Second Warsaw Pact, also known as the New Warsaw Pact or simply the Warsaw Pact, was a confederation of most of Eurasia that was signed sometime after the First Invasion but before the Third Invasion. The Second Warsaw Pact's namesake comes from the First Warsaw Pact, which was organization of the Communist States of The Soviet Union and eastern Europe.

Borders and Member CountriesEdit


The Approximate Extent of the Second Warsaw Pact during the events of Ender's Game

The membership of the Second Warsaw Pact was similar to the original Warsaw Pact of the late 20th century, with both being dominated by Russia. The Second Warsaw Pact had extended to include West Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy in Europe, as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan in Central Asia, realizing the Soviet Union's earlier 20th century goal of obtaining ports near the Persian Gulf. Greece was also a member, apparently having joined willingly (possibly due to coercion and a lack of better options). Turkey was not a member, but unlike the NATO/Warsaw Pact balance of the late 20th century, Turkey had been intimidated into an official policy of neutrality. The new Iron Curtain now fell much further west, effectively running along the length of the Rhine River and south along the Alps to the Mediterranean.

In Ender's GameEdit

A key part of the political machinations of Valentine and Peter Wiggin, using their online personas Locke and Demosthenes, was to manipulate Western fears about how the Second Warsaw Pact would behave if and when the Formics were finally defeated, when the removal of the external threat would end the freeze on Earth's internal politics.

Quotes Edit

"Valentine, things are coming to a head. I've been tracking troop movements in Russia. “What are we talking about?” The world, Val. You know Russia? Big Empire? The Second Warsaw Pact? Rulers of Eurasia from the Netherlands to Pakistan?"
Ender's Game, Page 125
"And the Greek government had been part of the Russia-dominated Warsaw Pact for generations now, since before the Formic War."
Shadow of the Hegemon, Page 30
"So it was Russia that forced the creation of the New Warsaw Pact, bringing its effective borders back to the peak of Soviet power - and beyond, for this time Greece was its ally, and an intimidated Turkey was neutralized. Europe was on the verge of being neutralized, the Russian dream of hegemony from the Pacific to the Atlantic was at last within reach."
Ender's Shadow, Page 400

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