Sel Menach was a soldier in the Third Formic War and a xenobiologist on the colony world of Shakespeare.[1] He was first introduced in Ender in Exile.


Third Formic War Edit

Sel Menach was one of the soldiers who left Earth to go to war with the Formics. He was a pilot of a fighter ship, and was commanded by Ender Wiggin when the war began. He and the rest of his squadron fought in orbit and on the surface of a Formic planet, eventually defeating the aliens when Ender Wiggin destroyed the Formic Homeworld. The surviving members of his part of the invasion colonized the conquered planet, which was later named Shakespeare.[1]

Ender in Exile Edit

Sel took on the role of a xenobiologist, studying the native life of the planet and finding how to incorporate it into the humans' diets. During the roughly 40 years before the colony ship IFcoltrans1 from Earth arrived, he was approached by his assistant xenobiologist, Afraima. She proposed that the two have children together, disregarding the colony's strict mating rules set in place to restore gender diversity. However he rejected her plan.[1]

After the death of the colony's governor, Vitaly Kolmogorov, Sel took up the job, but would step down as soon as the colony ship bringing the appointed governor Ender Wiggin arrived.[1]

As the colony ship came into orbit around Shakespeare, Sel took the opportunity to explore undiscovered lands in the south, taking along Po Tolo. He and Po discovered a cave with a Formicoid lifeform inside. The two quickly deduced that the lifeform ate and processed gold, and so deemed the creature a Gold Bug. While continuing to study the bug, Ender Wiggin and a few others took a skimmer ride over to where Po and Sel were staying. Sel explained the discovery, which peaked Wiggin's interests.[1]

Afterwards, Sel stepped down as governor and appointed Ender as his replacement.[1]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

"It's all right. I was just considering your question. My greatest regret. What a question. How can I regret leaving everything behind on Earth, when I left in order to help save it? And coming here allowed me to do the things that other scientists could only dream of. I have been able to name more than five thousand species already and come up with a rudimentary classification system for an entire native biota. More than on any of the other Formic worlds."
Ender in Exile, page 207

References Edit

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