Serge was the assistant director of operations for Juke Limited and a part of the International Fleet.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.

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After the First Formic War, Serge tried applying to join the International Fleet, but declined after the only position he would be able to receive was an ineffective civilian administration position. Instead, Serge continued working at Juke Limited because he believed his position at Juke Limited would be better for the future war efforts.[1]

The Swarm Edit

In an executive board meeting, Serge presented the issue of the European Ironworks Union demanding a higher precentage of the work force jobs. Lem Jukes then embarrassed Serge by suggesting a solution Serge could have come up with himself. Serge then sat down and watched several of the other executives present their suggestions for the company. Lem ended up interrupting the executive Koshimi asking him to sit down before bringing up the issue of the destruction of Copernicus. Serge agreed with Lem that the destruction of Copernicus was alarming, but revealed there was no solution to replacing it. Serge revealed that none of the other parallax telescopes could move into Conpernicus' position, and the company could not build a replacement fast enough. After further discussion about Copernicus, Lem dismissed the meeting.[1]

Lem then came and visited Serge in his office. Lem gave Serge the task of discovering the reason Ukko Jukes had been recruiting scientists from Juke Limited for the Hegemony. Serge gladly accepted the new task. As Lem left his office, Serge also said that he agreed with Lem that it was Juke Limited's place to come up with solutions to problems for the International Fleet.[1]

To find out what the Hegemony was working on, Serge visited a pub in Imbrium where he knew Hegemony engineers went after hours. He talked to a woman at the pub for awhile, and when she left to go to the bathroom Serge opened her wrist pad and found out information on the Ansible, a device that could instantaneously transmit communication over any distance. Later, he and Lem met in an abandoned warehouse, where he informed the CEO of his findings. Lem was furious at Serge's methods of obtaining the information, but they were interrupted by an International Fleet SWAT team pouring through the warehouse's doors. A woman from the team handcuffed Serge and announced that he had been drafted into the International Fleet, taking him away.[1]

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