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Shakespeare, previously known as Colony I, was the first human colony planet settled as a part of the Dispersal Project.[1]


In the winter, snows were heavy. Most of the planet was fertile and could support grass and plant life.[1]

The planet housed many abandoned Formic cities, including their reconstruction of Fairyland from the Mind Game.[1]

History Edit

Founding Edit

The settlement was originally called Colony I, a placeholder name, by the International Fleet. The name Tempest, after the play by William Shakespeare was proposed and subsequently rejected, opting for the last name of its author.[1]

Ender Wiggin became the governor of the planet fifty years after the War of Xenocide. Previously a Formic world, it was the first established colony of humans, and was where the Formics took the memory of Fairyland from the Mind Game and recreated the environment. They placed the last Hive Queen cocoon on the planet, hoping that Ender would take care of it. After a few years as governor, Ender left the planet with his sister Valentine.[1]

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