A hologram of a shatter box in Formic Wars: Burning Earth.

Shatter boxes were an improved form of the glaser invented by Dr. Noloa Benyawe during the First Formic Invasion.[1]

Design and Function Edit

A shatter box was made of two disks, which flew through space like a bola and separated, going to separate sides of the intended target. From there, the two disks would fire their gravity mechanisms similar to the glaser's, destroying the target.[1]

Unlike the glaser, the shatter box's opposing gravity fields caused a canceling effect, which allowed for the shatter boxes to be much safer than the glaser, as the gravity field created by firing the disks would not threaten the ship. However, the shatter box would be destroyed upon use and could not be retrieved.[1]

In order to avoid danger to Earth and other potential targets, the shatter boxes were programmed to not fire until both shatter boxes were on polar opposite sides of the target.[2]

History Edit

After witnessing the uncontrollable destructive force of the glaser, Lem Jukes ordered Dr. Noloa Benyawe to design an alternative device, intended to be used on asteroids and against the Formic scout ship.[1]

However, the original design was too expensive, and so Lem ordered Dr. Benyawe to continue researching and produce a cheaper version.[1]

The shatter boxes were later used during the final battle of the First Formic Invasion in orbit around Earth.[2]

References Edit

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