Shoshang was a utility truck salesman, who sold military grade supplies on the black market[1]. He was first introduced in Earth Afire.

History Edit

Earth Afire Edit

Shoashang had a utility truck company, which was a black market front. During the First Formic War, Wit O'Toole contacted Shoashang about buying military grade supplies. Wit O'Toole met Shoashang later with his men, Calinga and Lobo. Shoashang originally acted as if he did not have black market supplies when selling to Wit. Eventually Shoashang took Wit back to where he stored five Rhinos and other military weapons. Without negotiations, Wit bought the Rhinos and other military weapons such as grenades from Shoashang at the first price Shoashang offered, which shocked him because he was use to long negotiations.[1]

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