General Sima Jinping was a high ranking member of the Chinese army.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Awakens.

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Earth Awakens Edit

General Sima opposed Wit O'Toole's plan to use a tactical nuke to destroy the Formic lander, so after Wit O'Toole and Mazer Rackham's arrests, Sima held the two custody in his military base.[1]

In order to get Mazer and Wit out of Sima's custody, Bingwen wrote a congratulating Sima on destroying the lander, pretending it was the general's plan.[1]

After a little while of holding Wit and Mazer in separate custody, Sima ordered Captain Shenzu to bring them to his office in Lianzhou. Sima condemned Wit and Mazer for their action and tried eliciting information on who gave them the tactical nuke. During the conversation, Sima revealed that Wit's MOPs team had informed the world that Sima was the mastermind behind the destruction of the Formic lander. Wit and Mazer tried to convince Sima that lying to the media was best for the world's morale. Shenzu also stepped up, saying that he would be willing to corroborate the lie. Sima was willing to accept the credit and lie to the public after Shenzu supported Wit and Mazer's position. After planning the story, Shenzu sent Wit, Mazer, and Shenzu on a mission to protect the bioengineers in Liangzhou as they moved to the Dragon's Den.[1]

The Formics killed General Sima when a wave of reinforcements left the mothership and attacked Lianzhou. Due to Sima's high status and recognition, the Chinese military sent a group of soldiers to retrieve his body and confirm his death.[1]

General Sima's legacy was later remembered as a martyr for destroying the Formics, and the Indians had Shenzu say that Sima ordered Shenzu to bring the Formic defoliant to India in case the Chinese bioengineering team was killed, using Sima's legacy to gain influence with the world.[1]

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