Staggar was a docking bay worker on Weigh Station Four.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware

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Earth Unaware Edit

Staggar was the docking bay manager on Weigh Station Four. When Lem Jukes came to the station, Staggar negotiated with Lem to buy some nickel.  Lem wanted to sell the nickel for the purpose of providing spending money for his crew and as a way of providing for Podolski under the table. Staggar knew the game of the corporates and was able to decipher the fact that Lem was selling the nickel for more than what he was telling him.[1]

Staggar later told Verbatov about the recent arrival of Lem Jukes, heir to Juke Limited. Verbatov encountered Lem and was killed by Chubs Zimmons. Staggar encountered Lem one last time in the docking bay, where he was shot and killed by Chubs, who used a dart.[1]

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