This article is about the official language of Starways Congress. You may be looking for the language it was adapted from, International Fleet Common.

Starcommon, also known as Stark, was the universal language of the Hundred Worlds and various non-member colonies.[1]

History Edit

Starways Congress Era Edit

After Starways Congress was founded, it made International Fleet Common the universal language of the Hundred Worlds, and renamed it to Starcommon. The language was made mandatory to be learned as soon as an individual entered school.[1]

After some time, it became to be known more commonly as Stark.[1]

Differences between Starcommon and American English Edit

As Starcommon was simply a new version of I.F. Common, it retained the differences between Common and American English, including:

  • 'Whom' being abolished from the language.[2]
  • The word 'of' being changed to ov, or simply 'v'.[3]
  • Several Slang terms being added to the language.[3]

References Edit

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