FANDOM was a site on the Nets created by Wit O'Toole as a forum to post information on the Formics to effectively fight them during the First Formic War. Wit started the website by adding information he discovered in his first encounter and he used human anatomy to describe the Formics features on the website. After several more encounters with the Formics, Wit began adding useful tactics that could be used to surprise the Formics. The website quickly caught on and other Chinese soldiers began using the website and sharing information as well.[1]

Furthermore, Wit hoped to use the website as a way of spreading information on the Formics with the media, but many media outlets simply wanted to interview him.[1]

At one point Wit was contacted by one of his superiors, Colonel Turley through a shakespearean poem on the website.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, is a forum site where one can roleplay by adding forum posts as if the Formics were really invading Earth during the First Formic War.[2]

References Edit

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