The Strategos (plural strategoi) (literally meaning "army leader") was a military position in charge of the defense of the Solar System. The Strategos was one of the two military leaders of the International Fleet, the other being the Polemarch.[1]

History Edit

Creation Edit

When the First Formic War ended, the leading nations of the world announced the creation of the International Fleet, using the Mobile Operations Police as the model for soldiers from all across the world working together as one. The position of the Strategos, one of the two military leaders of the Fleet, is named after the MOPs oversight committee. The first Strategos was the chairman of the MOP Strategoi during the invasion, Lieutenant Colonel Yulian Robinov of the Russian Ministry of Defense.[1]

Ender's Game Edit

During the events of Ender's Game, Shimon Levy was the Strategos.[2]

After the Xenocide Edit

After Peter Wiggin became the Hegemon of Earth, he appointed Julian "Bean" Delphiki to the position.[3]

Known Strategoi Edit

References Edit

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