This article is about the in-universe novel. You may be looking for the political position or Peter Wiggin.

The Hegemon was a novel written by Andrew Wiggin under the pen name "Speaker for the Dead".



Published in 42 AX, it was the story of the life of Peter Wiggin, and the rights and wrongs he had done and the struggles he faced throughout his life. The book could have also been seen as a story of humanity as a whole.[1]

Andrew wrote the book based off of the countless hours of ansible conversations that he and his brother had before the aging Hegemon died. He published it shortly after his brother's death, under the same pseudonym as The Hive Queen was signed, and without copyright.[2]


The novel started the occupation of Speaker for the Dead. Many years after they were published, The Hive Queen and The Hegemon began to be sold as one volume. The two books were considered scripture to many people.[3]


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