This page documents chronological events that took place in the Ender's Game Universe, or Enderverse.

In Speaker for the Dead and chronologically subsequent novels, the "B.S.C." (before Starways Congress) and "S.C." (Starways Congress) dating system was introduced. It based the calendar around the date of the founding of the Congress.

However, due to the innumerable timeline contradictions of this dating system in the Enderverse, this wiki has decided to use its own dating system for use in articles.

This dating system uses an unofficially recognized, non-canonical calendar in order to provide a relative reference to events in the series. The origin year, or epoch, will be based on the Formic Xenocide, as it is the most prominent event in known Enderverse history. The designations used to label years will be B.X. (Before the Xenocide) and A.X. (After the Xenocide). Many events will have approximate dates or will be listed as unknown, as there are numerous contradictions between canon material that makes it difficult to know for sure when events occurred.

The Pre-Formic Wars Era (< 100 BX) Edit

 ?? BX Edit

  • Muslim Civil War[1]
    • Nuking of Mecca[1]

108 BX Edit

The Formic Wars Era (100 BX - 0 BX) Edit

100 BX Edit

100 - 97 BX Edit

97 BX Edit

95 BX Edit

c. 95 BX Edit

81 BX Edit

15 BX Edit

13 BX Edit

11 BX Edit

6 BX Edit

c. 1 BX Edit

0 BX Edit

The Post-Xenocide Era (1 AX - 60 AX) Edit

1 AX Edit

8 AX Edit

41 AX Edit

  • The Hive Queen is published and gains popularity across the inhabited human worlds.[9]
  • Peter and Andrew Wiggin converse for the first time in around 52 years.[9]

42 AX Edit

  • Peter Wiggin dies at age 57.[9]
  • The Hegemon is published and gains popularity alongside The Hive Queen.[9]
  • Theresa and John Paul Wiggin both die at around the age of 80.[9]
  • Andrew and Valentine Wiggin leave Shakespeare on a colony ship heading to Ganges.[9]

60 AX Edit

  • Andrew and Valentine Wiggin arrive at Ganges.[9]

The Starways Congress Era (≈ >61 AX) Edit

200 AX Edit

61 - 300 AX Edit

300 AX Edit

  • Andrew and Valentine Wiggin arrive at Sorelledolce.[11]

c. 3000 AX Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In The Swarm, the year was stated to be 2118 AD, equivalent to 97 BX.[4]

References Edit

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