Toron Querales was the Keeper of The Eye on El Cavador, as well as the father of Alejandra and Edimar.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware.

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

Toron's daughter, Alejandra, was zogged to live with an Italian mining clan as a way to mix the gene pool. However, the other reason for her zogging was her close relationship with her cousin, Victor Delgado. This caused Toron to become hateful towards Victor, because he could no longer be with his daughter.[1]

Shortly after the Italian clan left, Edimar, his other daughter, found evidence of an alien scout ship headed towards Earth. Edimar went to El Cavador's captain Concepción Querales with the information before telling her father. Toron checked his daughter's calculations before helping her present the information to the council with Victor and Edimar.[1]

After several weeks of mining an asteroid, A Juke Limited corporate ship, the Makarhu, bumped El Cavador. Toron and the rest of the free miner crew fled to try and receive help from the Italians, where the alien's pod ship was heading.[1]

Upon arriving at the Italians' location, El Cavador found the clan's ships destroyed, and prepared a rescue mission to look for any surviving Italians. Toron was given permission to join the rescue mission since there was an extra space suit left and was worried about his daughter Alejandra.[1]

While Toron was searching for survivors with Victor and his father Segundo using a quickship, the alien pod ship returned to attack El Cavador. Victor planned on destroying the pod before it reached El Cavador. During the attack on the pod, Toron was killed.[1]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Toron wanted to be a miner, but had to work with The Eye because of his expertise in the area.[1]

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References Edit

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