Colonel Turley was a member of the United States Delta Force and a member of the Strategos.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Afire.

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Earth Afire Edit

Colonel Turley was a member of the Strategos during the First Formic War. When Wit O'Toole cut off all communication from the Strategos and bought expensive weapons from the Chinese black market, Turley contacted Wit through his website using a Shakespearean poem code, which Wit discovered on the website. Turley hid the code as a prerecorded vid, which warned Wit that he should turn his team in to prevent the Strategos from looking bad on the world stage. Wit responded to Turley suggesting that the Strategos congratulate China on asking for the MOPs help, which appeared to be extremely successful in order to force the Chinese government's hand. Turley followed through with Wit's suggestion, and the Chinese thanked the MOPs for their help on the world stage preventing the MOPs from appearing inept.[1]

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