Ulysses was a homeless child on the streets of Rotterdam.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Shadow.


Ender's Shadow Edit

Ulysses was considered one of the "bullies" on the streets of Rotterdam, but wasn't one of the bigger ones. One day, Achilles sent Sergeant to the line of Helga's Kitchen in front of Ulysses, so Ulysses promptly attempted to push Sergeant out of line. This was just a trap set by Achilles, as he came over and shoved Ulysses and two kids came and dropped a cinder block on him. Achilles picked up Ulysses and threw him in the street, where he was later run over by a truck. Later, medical crews came and took Ulysses to the hospital; he suffered broken ribs and flattened lungs. After this, Helga Braun got some off-duty police officers to come watch over the line and break up any foul play or fight. Children with "families" could also come to the front of the line.[1]

Later, when Poke was murdered, blame was proclaimed on Ulysses and Achilles went into hiding. Years later, Achilles murdered Ulysses and his decomposing body was found in a fish market, where the smell of fish had disguised the smell of Ulysses' body for half a year since his murder.[1]

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