Unna was a news reporter during the First Formic War.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Awakens.

History Edit

Earth Awakens Edit

Unna worked for a non-traditional news network during the First Formic War and arranged for an interview with Lem Jukes about his time in the Kuiper Belt. During the interview, they discussed the battle that occurred in the Kuiper Belt as well as his relationship with the crew. They then discussed the Battle of the Belt, which Lem's ship was near and the current situation in China, which Lem disapproved of. Finally, Unna ended the interview by discussing Lem's direct encounter with a Formic and what he saw in its eyes.[1]

Unna was eventually hired by the Juke Limited public relations team to film a workshop, where Lem was building ships to infiltrate the Formic scout ship. Lem however turned the camera crew away as he thought filming the workshop was inappropriate.[1]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The news network she worked for targeted 18-35 year olds.[1]

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References Edit

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