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  • David4d4d

    David4d4d back with another blog post. On Saturday I finished all the major content for the Earth Awakens with all updates to these pages being done on the following Sunday in preparation for the release of the swarm today. Overall I would go off of my last blog post about the FFW trilogy and say that Lem Jukes is the most diverse character.

    Just a couple minutes ago before writing this post I recieved The Swarm in the mail. I am excited to begin working on the Swarm after I just finished a the 5 or 6 month project where I was reading and updating the First Formic War info. 

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  • David4d4d

    400 Pages

    July 14, 2016 by David4d4d

    I would like to say congrats to the Wiki for finally reaching 400 pages. When I first arrived the Wiki was closing in on that mark, but when it was updated to enderverse only content it quickly got farther away from that goal. With the addition of the Swarm Ch. 1 pages and First Formic War information the wiki quickly reached that benchmark. 

    Hopefully the Wiki reaches another 100 pages as we go in detail on the Final First Formic Wars book, start the Second Formic War trilogy, and go into detail on the other books. 

    Have fun and continue editing.   

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  • David4d4d

    Earth Afire

    July 4, 2016 by David4d4d

    Hello there, this is an update for anyone who happens to care. Today is July 4th which is when I finished updating Earth Afire after finishing the book a couple minutes before July 3rd was over. Anyway, the major information for Earth Afire is complete. I have enjoyed doing this and will begin to move on to the final book in the trilogy Earth Awakens, which I am to finish before The Swarm is released. 

    Earth Afire itself was an enjoyable book. I like how we have learned more about Mazer Rackham and who he was before Ender's Game making him less of a cold face and more of a caring friend. Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Lem Jukes story line as he appears to be the most in depth character, due to his slight dark side but good intentions. Hope e…

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  • David4d4d

    Earth Unaware

    February 12, 2016 by David4d4d

    Finished reading Earth Unaware the other night, so before I continue reading the First Formic War trilogy with Earth Afire. I am going to catch up on any characters I missed or anything else in the novel that doesn't have a page yet. I believe I have already caught up on characters with pages already. I have done the pages on Rena and Segundo. As soon as I do a page on Marco, and do one chapter on the MOPs I missed I will begin reading Earth Afire. I may come back to Earth Unaware for some other minor characters on the crew of El Cavador that did stuff such as Selmo, Dreo, and a couple others. But once I have done Marcos and add in the one MOPs chapter I have done most the major stuff from Earth Unaware.

    As of March 17 anything major from E…

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  • David4d4d


    February 8, 2016 by David4d4d

    For anyone who comes upon this. I have enjoyed helping out with the wiki the small size of the wiki allows for me to notice how I have helped out. Since I started about a week ago I have added several articles dealing with the first formic wars. There is also easy acces to information about how to edit and make pages compared to more major wikis. The major moderator is also extremely helpful and gets on at least once a day, so one can be sure any concerns about the wiki will be heard. Anyways if this helps anyone or makes anyone want to help out more then continue helping and feel free to ask me for help. 

    Also at the moment I am reading Earth Unaware and am about to move onto Earth Afire, so I am going to be updating the information on cha…

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