Hello there, this is an update for anyone who happens to care. Today is July 4th which is when I finished updating Earth Afire after finishing the book a couple minutes before July 3rd was over. Anyway, the major information for Earth Afire is complete. I have enjoyed doing this and will begin to move on to the final book in the trilogy Earth Awakens, which I am to finish before The Swarm is released. 

Earth Afire itself was an enjoyable book. I like how we have learned more about Mazer Rackham and who he was before Ender's Game making him less of a cold face and more of a caring friend. Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Lem Jukes story line as he appears to be the most in depth character, due to his slight dark side but good intentions. Hope everyone else enjoys the enderverse books like I have. 

P.S. Funny story the only EnderVerse book I don't own apart from the soon to be released The Swarm is Ender's Game because I read it for school.  

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