Finished reading Earth Unaware the other night, so before I continue reading the First Formic War trilogy with Earth Afire. I am going to catch up on any characters I missed or anything else in the novel that doesn't have a page yet. I believe I have already caught up on characters with pages already. I have done the pages on Rena and Segundo. As soon as I do a page on Marco, and do one chapter on the MOPs I missed I will begin reading Earth Afire. I may come back to Earth Unaware for some other minor characters on the crew of El Cavador that did stuff such as Selmo, Dreo, and a couple others. But once I have done Marcos and add in the one MOPs chapter I have done most the major stuff from Earth Unaware.

As of March 17 anything major from Earth Unaware has been inserted on the wiki. There may be some minor characters or minor technology or something that could be added later, but I am going to begin to move on to Earth Afire. Also there are no links left in the needed pages left that link to characters in Earth Unaware.


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