This article is about the genetic clone. You may be looking for the original Valentine Wiggin.

Valentine Wiggin II, also commonly known as Young Val, was the genetic clone of Valentine Wiggin I.[1] She was first introduced in Xenocide.



When Andrew Wiggin traveled to the Outside along with Miro and Ela Ribeira, he created two genetically identical clones of his brother and sister, Peter Wiggin and Valentine Wiggin. Peter II and Valentine II shared an Aiúa with Andrew.[1]

Children of the Mind

As Andrew died and Peter Wiggin II became the sole bearer of his Aiúa, Valentine II's body became a host for Jane's Aiúa.[2]


Like her predecessor, Valentine was a sweet and caring girl, and was extremely intelligent. At times, she became depressed due to her situation.


  • The title of the book Children of the Mind may refer to Peter II and Valentine II coming into existence fully formed like Athena springing from Zeus's head - a child of the mind.



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