Verbatov was a free miner and a resident of Weigh Station Four.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

Verbatov was the member of a Bulgarian clan in The Belt. A Juke Limited ship attacked and dispersed the clan, causing Verbatov to have to look for a job.[1]

Verbatov ended up in the Kuiper Belt on Weigh Station Four where he found Lem Jukes and Chubs Zimmons eating dinner at a Thai Restaurant, due to a tip from Staggar. Verbatov had tortured Richard Dublin and discovered the existence of the glaser. As a way to make up for his grievances with the company, Verbatov wanted Lem to give him the glaser as payment. Verbatov and his two friends were killed by Chubs, who was protecting Lem Jukes from harm.[1]

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