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Volescu was the scientist who illegally created Bean and 22 other human embryos.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Shadow.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Volescu was the illegitimate son of Julian Delphiki Sr.'s father and his Romanian mistress.[1]

Ender's Shadow Edit

After he illegally modified 23 human embryos, turning Anton's Key within them, Volescu was discovered and had to destroy all his "research". However, Bean escaped him, and hid himself in a toilet tank. Volescu was later imprisoned for his crimes. Sister Carlotta questioned him in order to figure out more about Bean's conditions, but she got little information from him.[1]

He was later found out to have been responsible for developing a disease that would harm the entire human race by giving everyone a similar condition to that of Bean, but it was soon discovered after his project was stopped that the disease was never in full development.[2]

Volescu was placed under orders to work in medicine by the Free People of Earth.[2]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

"Without what I did to you, all you'd be is Nikolai."
Shadow of the Giant, page 138

References Edit

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