The WU-HU Corporation was a Chinese mining corporation and a major competitor to Juke Limited. Compared to Juke, the corporation was smaller and friendlier towards free miners. They were less likely to use illegal moves such as bumping.[1]

The WU-HU corporation also owned private depots, such as the one Magashi commanded.[2]

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

A WU-HU corporate ship, captained by Doashang, joined El Cavador and the Makarhu in attacking the Formic Scout Ship, marking the beginning of the First Formic War. The role the WU-HU ship played was to stay back and report the results of the attack and proof to Earth. The ship also helped by carrying the woman and children of El Cavador.[1]

Earth Afire Edit

After El Cavador was destroyed and the battle was lost, the WU-HU ship took the remaining crew to a depot commanded by Magashi.[2]

Known Employees Edit

References Edit

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