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Warmaker was a Pequenino Fathertree on the planet of Lusitania.[1] He was first introduced in Xenocide.

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Xenocide Edit

Warmaker was a well-known Pequenino fathertree. He and his forest became Catholic heretics, believing that the Descolada was the "baptism of fire" mentioned in The Bible, and that only Pequeninos were worthy to enter heaven as they could survive the deadly disease. The human priest Quim Ribeira decided to travel to them to attempt to correct their doctrine. However, Warmaker ordered the forest's Brothers to capture the Catholic priest and imprison him inside Warmaker's trunk. They prevented him from eating his food that he had brought with him, which contained Descolada antibodies, resulting in his death from exposure to the disease. Warmaker was surprised to see how few Brother Pequeninos celebrated the death.[1]

Despite this, Warmaker was able to win more converts from among the Pequeninos when the human citizens of Milagre attacked and burned an innocent, nearby Pequenino forest. This prompted the fathertree Human to communicate with the Formic Hive Queen, asking for her to build a starship for the Pequeninos to escape Lusitania in before the Lusitania Fleet arrived, or the human colonists turned on them.[1]

However, after the humans and Jane invented faster-than-light travel, Warmaker's "political party" lost support, as any being who wished to escape Lusitania could do it instantly from then on.[1]

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