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William Bee was a Battle School Student and the commander of Griffin Army.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.

History Edit

Ender's Game Edit

William was paired up with Talo Momoe and his Tiger Army in a battle against Ender Wiggin's undefeated Dragon Army. Momoe favored a very direct approach, and argued with Bee that, because they far outnumbered Ender, they should do a frontal assault. Bee's disagreement led to a prolonged war of words. After Ender came out of his gate with a formation, Talo ordered his army to rebound and assault the army directly. The Dragon Army formation, while taking heavy losses, plowed through the lines of Griffin and Tiger soldiers and eventually made it through the enemy's gate, winning the battle with a technicality.[1]

Personality Edit

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References Edit

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