was a librarian in China.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Afire.

History Edit

Earth Afire Edit

Ms. Yí was the librarian for the village that Bingwen lived in. She broke up a fight between Bingwen and Zihao over reality of the vid Imala Bootstamp posted. She proceeded to kick all the children watching the vid and the fight out of the library.[1]

Weeks later, Ms. Yí would not allow anyone into the library as the new feeds of the Formic scout ship were being streamed world wide, however her assistants and she watched the vids inside. When Bingwen set up a projector outside to show the news feeds to everyone, Ms. Yí threatened to not allow Bingwen and Hopper back into the library and told everyone to stop watching, but no one listened and everyone continued to watch as the Formic scout ship began to fire upon the UN escort and the news ships.[1]

After the Formic Scout Ship's massive landers impacted into the village, Ms. Yí's status was left unknown.[1]

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