Dr. Yanyu was a research assistant for an astrophysicist on Luna.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Afire.

History Edit

Earth Afire Edit

Dr. Yanyu was a friend of Bingwen on a forum for graduate students. The two constantly communicated. Yanyu did not know Bingwen's true age, and the only one of Bingwen's friends that knew about her was Hopper.[1]

One day, she sent a video of the Formics to Bingwen. The video ended up getting Bingwen in trouble several times, but the video was real, so Bingwen believed it and argued over its validity.[1]

After studying the video, Yanyu contacted Imala Bootstamp, who had posted the video online. Imala then proceeded to help Victor Delgado meet with Yanyu, as Victor was part of the crew that discovered the aliens, which had possibly destroyed Juke Limited's facility on Kleopatra.[1]

After helping Imala and Victor escape the public eye, Yanyu took them to the astronomical observatory that she worked at and introduced them to Dr. Richard Prescott. Victor proceeded to explain the existence of the Formics to Prescott, Yanyu, and the rest of the observatory's staff and gained Yanyu's and Prescott's acknowledgement that the Formics existed. Prescott arranged a meeting for Imala and Victor to meet with Ukko Jukes. Yanyu went to the meeting which began in disaster when Victor mentioned Lem Jukes bump of El Cavador.[1]

After a few days of further investigations into the Formics, Yanyu went to a press conference where Ukko Jukes announced the presence of aliens headed toward Earth.[1]

Imala and Victor eventually contacted Yanyu when they came back to Luna. Yanyu offered them her house as a place to stay and picked them up. When she picked them up, Yanyu explained the updates that had occurred since Imala and Victor disconnected from the news feed. Yanyu and Imala then took Victor to a NATO registration center, where he was denied, before going back to her house. At her house Victor made a plan for destroying the Formic ship after Yanyu showed him what happened during the battle. Yanyu helped Victor and Imala gather together possible resources that could be used for Victor's plan.[1]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite her gimp arm, Dr. Yanyu typed faster than Bingwen.[1]

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References Edit

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