Yulian Robinov was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian military, who became the first Strategos after the First Formic War.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Awakens.

History Edit

Earth Awakens Edit

Yulian Robinov was a member of the Russian Ministry of Defense and acted as a chair of the original Strategos, who were in charge of the Mobile Operations Police.[1]

Robinov contacted Mazer Rackham shortly after he took control of the Formic scout ship. Robinov contacted Mazer to ask him not to reveal his position in the infiltration of the Formic ship, as Robinov wanted to use the MOPs as propaganda to get the world behind the International Fleet.[1]

Several days later, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Silva, announced that Robinov would become the first Strategos. Robinov was to be in charge of the overall defense of the solar system.[1]

The Swarm Edit

Three years after the end of the First Formic War, Yulian sent an email to the Hegemon, Ukko Jukes, imploring him to approve and fund new weapons and defense tactics after the destruction of one of the Parallax Telescopes. Noting that the Chinese had not dedicated any forces to the International Fleet, he told Ukko to use his influence to negotiate with China in order to attain their military in the Fleet.[2]

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