Zihao was a student in China.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Afire.

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Earth Afire Edit

Bingwen was watching a video in the library with several other students, so Zihao joined in and watched the video as well. Afterwards, Zihao considered the aliens in the video to be a hoax. His major piece of evidence against Bingwen was the time the video was uploaded, which was one week earlier. However, Bingwen said the video was likely eight months old and brought to Earth by a handler in order to avoid the communication interference occurring in space. Zihao still refused Bingwen's evidence the video was real. Meilin tried standing up for Bingwen, but Zihao called her Bingwen's girlfriend obtaining laughs by the surrounding children. Bingwen eventually pushed Zihao out of his chair onto the ground. Zihao responded by choking Bingwen before Ms. Yí dispersed the fight.[1]

After the fight, Bingwen left the library with his cousin. Zihao then corralled Bingwen and his friend Hopper in the rice patty fields with the help of his own friends. Hopper ran on ahead before Zihao was able to catch them, but Zihao confronted Bingwen in the rice patties telling Bingwen to come out of the water. After Bingwen refused to come out, Zihao began choking Bingwen again after Bingwen asked Zihao not to choke him. When Zihao began talking, Bingwen retaliated stuffing a frog in Zihao's mouth before diving in the water and disappearing from Zihao's sight.[1]

After watching the news feed of the Formic scout ship arrival in the orbit of Earth, Zihao steeped on Ye Ye Danwen's kidney in the proceeding panic.[1]

Zihao was later killed by the Formic defoliant in the ensuing Scouring of China.[1]

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